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Hello there! Welcome to my scratchpad. đź‘‹

Here, you’ll find everything from quirky thoughts to sudden sparks—all served fresh and unpolished. Think of it as peeking into someone’s notebook, but without the crumpled pages and coffee stains. So, dive in, sift through the chaos.

Check out to know more about me.

BTW, I usually write about DevOps practices - Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, Observability, Some Python, and (maybe?) FastAPI – or occasionally backend engineering, or anything I’m interested in.


Advanced python learning path

·1 min
Here are the youtube videos I refer to brush up on advanced python. What are python namespaces? # What is Passing arguments by Object Reference? # What is pickling and unpickling?

Why Use LETS Approach While Setting Up Monitoring

·4 mins
In the dynamic field of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and DevOps, the need for effective and reliable monitoring is undeniable. Monitoring systems are critical for ensuring that applications and infrastructure not only perform optimally but also meet business objectives and provide resilience in the face of failures.

Why Cloud is NOT the Future

·4 mins
The cloud has revolutionized the way we manage data, deploy applications, and scale businesses. But if you think cloud computing is the panacea for all IT infrastructure needs, think again.